Who Am I?

Peggy Gonder is an accredited public relations counselor who is highly respected by professional colleagues and associates. She is considered a trusted advisor by her clients.

Peggy began her career in journalism and wrote nine books as well as producing newsletters and annual reports for clients. She worked as a communications director for large organizations in education and healthcare and a project of the Colorado Governor’s Office.  Since founding Gonder PR, she has assisted organizations in 10 states and five Canadian provides meet their PR and marketing goals.

What Sets Me Apart

Special Skills & Knowledge

Beginning with the client’s business objectives or current challenges, Peggy gathers information and develops a plan to reach those objectives.  She has polished skills in focus group and interview research that help determine what strategy and messages will resonate with audiences.

She also provides media training and crisis communications plans and messaging to help organizations manage risk and protect their reputation.  Services include developing pre-approved messaging and digital materials to ensure the company or organization is prepared to meet the media when the crisis hits.

She has particular knowledge and understanding about what it takes to persuade people and change behavior. Satisfied clients include organizations that have successfully won ballot issues and mill levy campaigns.

She has also employed social marketing strategies to prevent acute stroke and accelerate enrollments in clinical trials.  Other campaigns addressed drug and alcohol prevention.

Serving the Community
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