Healthcare Public Relations

Healthcare-Reform-CaduceusThe Gonder PR team brings decades of experience in healthcare public relations– working in large healthcare systems, launching medical device products and consulting in the US and Canada to accelerate enrollments in clinical trials. In addition, Peggy Gonder has been involved in messaging and strategy around healthcare reform. She understands the issues on a state and federal level . Her long involvement in healthcare and policy brings insights that assist in development of strategy and compelling messaging.


Teacher and Student at Blackboard The Gonder PR team has extensive experience in education, both K-12 and higher education. They have a successful track record getting mill levies approved and conducting research to improve internal communications. Peggy has written nine books on education topics, bringing a depth of understanding to issues and policy approaches.

Crisis Communications

Unknown Peggy Gonder has extensive experience managing crises in organizations large and small. She has the perspective of an in-house spokesperson and public relations director with cases including a triple murder involving a family with a student in the school district. She has also provided media coaching in high-profile interviews and trained teams how to skillfully respond to challenging media interviews. She has developed crisis communication plans for Denver area businesses and public agencies.

Media Relations

NewsCollage As a former journalist, Peggy Gonder knows how to create newsworthy pitches and to craft stories that resonate with reporters, readers and viewers. She has placed stories in the New York Times, CNN, NBC Nightly News, The Washington Post and many national industry publications as well as newspapers and broadcast outlets across Colorado.