Facebook is a great tool for building and engaging a community – whether it is members of a group, past and potential customers or people with a shared interest. With a Facebook page, you can gain valuable data by tracking your target audience’s reactions to your content. Every action taken–every click, every post, every purchase–leaves a data trail that is easy to follow with Facebook Insights.

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Facebook Insights can help you target PR campaigns

Page Insights

Page Insights allows you to see how people engage with your Page. You can see which posts generate the most reactions, comments and shares from customers and whether those actions are positive or negative. You also can identify when your audience typically logs on to Facebook so that you can publish posts when you’re likely to be at the top of their timeline rather than lost in the middle of it. For example, visitors are most active on my Gonder Public Relations Facebook page between 8 am and 9 p.m. I have the greatest engagement to content posted earlier in the day – before noon.

The following are some of the most useful graphs on Page Insights:

  • Net Likes: What Changed. What happened today on my Page? You can analyze whether a sponsored post or recent promotion caused a spike in people liking or un-liking your Page.
  • External Referrers. Did my audience visit my Page by clicking on an external link, website or sponsored story? You can identify what content drives traffic to your Page.
  • Actions on a Page. You can track visitors who click: get directions, your phone number, website and action buttons.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights allows you to see demographic information about the people visiting your Page, including age, gender, relationship status, careers, hobbies, lifestyle and location. You can identify common behaviors, such as online purchases and travel.

With more than one billion users worldwide, and 20 million becoming fans of Pages each day, Facebook is a great place to focus your efforts, and Facebook Insights can give you actionable data to make sure those efforts are meeting your goals.