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Peggy Gonder is an award-winning public relations strategist and counselor who has worked with clients in Colorado, Texas and across the US and Canada. She has helped small businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies connect with their target audiences. She is the author of 8 books.

Colorado Public Radio Expands News Coverage

Stewart Vanderwilt, President and CEO of Colorado Public Radio, is expanding news coverage. He has added 17 new programs to CPR, including Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting. He announced to Rocky Mountain alumni of the University of Texas that he plans to hire a Washington, DC-based reporter and move his 70-person newsroom […]

Social Media Cos. Must Protect Users to Preserve Their Reputation

Social media engagement in 2018 was down 4% overall over the previous year for the first time ever, according to BrandKeys Loyalty and Engagement Index. Data breaches of users’ private information, the #Russian hack of elections in several countries and lack of transparency have taken a toll. #Twitter posted a drop of 1 million users last year and Snapchat lost 3 […]

Facebook’s Crisis Response Must Describe Changes to Repair Reputation, Address the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogant actions — refusing to testify or explain how they will repair the data breach — undermine public trust and make it harder to recover from the Cambridge Analytica crisis.  The PRSA Code of Ethics provides guidance to avoid permanent damage to their reputation. One key is a prompt response […]

Create Content That Converts: Use Graphics and More

As public relations pro, you are often chief content marketer, using content to sell something – whether it’s a product, service, or message. Even with high engagement, it is possible to double or even triple your conversion rates. Here are five ways to create high performing content to boost your conversions.

Add visuals to […]

Choosing Effective PR Measurement Models

Measuring PR outcome has become more urgent as digital becomes intrinsic to PR and the communications industry diversifies into new areas. Traditional PR measurement models no longer work.

PR agencies and in-house communications professionals constantly struggle with this problem. The Barcelona Principles unveiled in June 2010 called upon the PR industry to move beyond the […]

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Creating SMART Objectives for PR Campaigns Leads to Better Measurement of Outcomes

When I think back over my career, the norm in public relations shops involved communications staff issuing statements, circulating press releases and ‘sending out stuff’. These outputs were easily measured, and the larger the numbers were, the better. The problem of course was that these results did not account for sentiment, whether the target […]

Why Measure Public Relations Campaigns?

We’ve all heard it. One of the biggest challenges facing the PR industry today, yesterday and tomorrow is the need for accountability. In fact, a PR News study, “Attitudes Toward Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation” found that while 81% place “some or great value” on measurement, only one in five had any kind of […]

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How Journalists Need to Change in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

During the election and more recently, Donald Trump has demonized the press and called coverage he disagreed with “fake news.” Since many people get their news from Facebook and other social media sites, how should journalists change to adapt to this new reality?

Journalism author and Brookings Institution commentator Tom Rosenstiel has spoken to […]

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What Trends Are Shaping Public Relations in 2017?

Like many industries, the world of public relations is changing rapidly. Several trends are in full force, shaping PR practice.

1. Fake News: While companies have always had to deal with malicious rumors and misinformation, the 2016 election propelled “fake news” – information disseminated with the intent to deceive – into the spotlight like […]

ACA Repeal Could Wreck Colorado’s Healthcare and The Economy

Healthcare spending accounts for 18 percent of the US economy. Congress has acted to eliminate funding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a way to finance a replacement. If approved, the repeal will have significant negative consequences for Colorado businesses, individuals, government and the economy. Colorado hospitals will be hard hit as […]

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