How Journalists Need to Change in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

During the election and more recently, Donald Trump has demonized the press and called coverage he disagreed with “fake news.” Since many people get their news from Facebook and other social media sites, how should journalists change to adapt to this new reality? Journalism must compete with 'fake news' in the digital world where many

ACA Repeal Could Wreck Colorado’s Healthcare and The Economy

Healthcare spending accounts for 18 percent of the US economy. Congress has acted to eliminate funding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a way to finance a replacement. If approved, the repeal will have significant negative consequences for Colorado businesses, individuals, government and the economy. Colorado hospitals will be hard hit as the number

Maximize Impact of LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are an excellent way to reach out to potential employees and customers. Make sure your page is delivering maximum value by taking these steps. Invite customers and prospects to your LinkedIn company page. After you have created complete and focused content, begin reaching out to current and potential clients and

Reporters Seek Online Newsrooms

Dish Network updated its newsroom. Reporters look for online newsrooms, which help them find key information quickly.  Business Wire found nearly 90% of reporters used Google to search for companies, while 75% use online newsrooms. Denver-based pay-TV provider DISH has 400 registered users who receive an abstract of news releases and a link

Boost Internal Communications With Benchmarks

A major national study found that employees opened emails towards the end of the week at nearly the same rate as Mondays and Tuesdays. When are your employees checking email? To improve  your internal communications, study what days and times employees check and where they check them - on their desktop or mobile.  The email measurement firm

Getting the News Media to Call Back

If a member of the news media is not returning your calls or emails; try these tips to build a relationship: Develop relationships with reporters to get the media coverage you want. 1. Tag them in tweets for positive attention. Many reporters are required to post on social media. Tagging will get the reporter’s

Transforming Engagement with Videos

Dunkin' Donuts found its 2,000 franchisees and employees pay more attention to communications when sent 2 minute videos. They ignored previous communications. Employees and franchisees reply to video communication at high rates. The engagement effort launched with a 30-second short about a new printer that would save time and money. Before, the company

LinkedIn Company Pages Engage Clients

LinkedIn, when used strategically, can be a highly effective tool to engage with current and potential clients, media contacts, referrals and new business ventures. To leverage your presence on LinkedIn, create and complete a LinkedIn Company Page that is separate from the personal profiles of executives and employees.       Headline Use the headline to differentiate your

Use Facebook to Build Your Brand

Facebook can be a great way to generate leads and engage your customers, but only if your page stands out over the more than 50 million businesses currently using the site. The good news is that many businesses do not leverage the following tools that make their page pop. Use visuals. Give your organization