Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits Employees, Reputation

 Being involved in the community can help with employee recruitment and satisfaction as well as reputation, according to Brooke Gabbert, vice president of corporate communications for Home Advisor. The company has 2,000 employees globally. It gives employees eight hours a year to volunteer at a charity of their choice. “We hear about it in employee

Analyze Your Social Engagement Thru Facebook Insights

Facebook is a great tool for building and engaging a community – whether it is members of a group, past and potential customers or people with a shared interest. With a Facebook page, you can gain valuable data by tracking your target audience’s reactions to your content. Every action taken--every click, every post, every purchase--leaves

Use Google Analytics to Guide Your PR Strategy

Gaining trust is key in PR. It is one thing to make people aware of your product or service, but growing your business and revenue over time depends on how much trust you build with potential and existing customers. Google Analytics partners with PR professionals to measure the impact of the investment that they are

Google Analytics Offers Free PR Measurement Tool

It is essential to measure all aspects of a digital PR program, but how do you accurately track your return on investment with limited budgets and ever-changing digital content? Evaluate PR campaigns for earned media, owned and social media. Google Analytics provides a free tool specifically for PR professionals. Even if you’re not

Measuring PR Impact Still Important, But Rare

Measuring the impact of your PR programs has fallen off a cliff since 2010, but it is still important, says a data scientist and measurement guru. With the advent of Google analytics, companies are relying more on superficial metrics than measuring the actual impact of their programs. Creating a dashboard helps demonstrate the impact of PR

Improving Your Media Relations

Develop relationships with reporters to get the media coverage you want. Getting news or feature coverage for your organization is more challenging than ever, with shrinking newsrooms.   Newspapers and TV stations have laid off reporters. Those who remain are often overwhelmed, having to post on social media as well as for print or

Public Relations as a Profit Center

Savvy digital communication and rigorous measurement have led the public relations department of DaVita HealthCare Partners – the nation’s largest dialysis provider – to become a profit center for the company,  not an expense. DaVita markets on behalf of physicians groups that provide kidney dialysis. One profit center is a physician-only newsletter that effectively convinces medical groups

Build Influence, Attract Media Through Strategic Narrative

Companies and leaders can gain media attention by developing a story that speaks to the direction of their industry, rather than their own company. Editors see such executives as thought leaders and the approach can help rally employees to the company’s vision. Boulder firm Catapult PR has used a strategic narrative approach with high tech

Handling Threats to Health and Reputation

Disease outbreaks and contamination can be a threat to any organization, whether a hotel or a cruise line. It can be especially damaging to the reputation of a hospital. I was contacted by the New Hampshire Business Review to comment on a Hepatitis C outbreak in a local hospital and how they responded to the