Google Analytics Offers Free PR Measurement Tool

It is essential to measure all aspects of a digital PR program, but how do you accurately track your return on investment with limited budgets and ever-changing digital content?

Google Analytics provides a free tool specifically for PR professionals. Even if you’re not a “numbers” person, the PR Measurement Dashboard is easy to use and […]

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Measuring PR Impact Still Important, But Rare

Measuring the impact of your PR programs has fallen off a cliff since 2010, but it is still important, says a data scientist and measurement guru. With the advent of Google analytics, companies are relying more on superficial metrics than measuring the actual impact of their programs.

“The Holy Grail for PR” comes from the insights gained from […]

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Improving Your Media Relations

Getting news or feature coverage for your organization is more challenging than ever, with shrinking newsrooms.   Newspapers and TV stations have laid off reporters. Those who remain are often overwhelmed, having to post on social media as well as for print or broadcast.

Public relations professionals are more likely to get an email response to […]

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Public Relations as a Profit Center

Savvy digital communication and rigorous measurement have led the public relations department of DaVita HealthCare Partners – the nation’s largest dialysis provider – to become a profit center for the company,  not an expense.

DaVita markets on behalf of physicians groups that provide kidney dialysis. One profit center is a physician-only newsletter that effectively convinces medical groups […]

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Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Anniversary Featured on Fox31

Former Denver Health CEO Patricia Gabow, MD and winning CU Women’s Basketball Coach Ceal Barry were interviewed by Fox31 anchor Brooke Wagner about the 30th anniversary of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.  Dr. Gabow said the Women’s Hall of Fame is needed to inspire girls and women to achieve great things in careers that […]

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Build Influence, Attract Media Through Strategic Narrative

Companies and leaders can gain media attention by developing a story that speaks to the direction of their industry, rather than their own company. Editors see such executives as thought leaders and the approach can help rally employees to the company’s vision.

Boulder firm Catapult PR has used a strategic narrative approach with high tech […]

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Handling Threats to Health and Reputation

Disease outbreaks and contamination can be a threat to any organization, whether a hotel or a cruise line. It can be especially damaging to the reputation of a hospital. I was contacted by the New Hampshire Business Review to comment on a Hepatitis C outbreak in a local hospital and how they responded to […]

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Research Can Fuel Publicity and Advocacy

Publishing research findings are a powerful way to get media attention to your cause.

Feeding America  (FA) has been conducting a survey of food banks in its network every four years for 20 years.  The survey gets media attention because of the number of agencies participating and because of its longevity.

The 2014 survey found that 1 […]

Network news gains viewers, cable declines

Cable news viewing declined in 2014, while network news rose slightly, especially in the evening. Among online users, mobile trumps digital on 39 of the top 50 sites. So reports the Pew Research Center on Journalism and the Media.

Network News has seen an increase of 5%. In contrast, primetime cable news  declined 8% (includes […]

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Communications help stem ebola crisis

Communication and education have dramatically helped reduce the ebola crisis  in the town of Foya, Liberia where the epidemic started.

From more than 100 patients, there now are only three.  Doctors without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres) stemmed the epidemic by hiring local health workers. They explained to families that MSF was there to help their loved ones, […]

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