Choosing Effective PR Measurement Models

Measuring PR outcome has become more urgent as digital becomes intrinsic to PR and the communications industry diversifies into new areas. Traditional PR measurement models no longer work. PR agencies and in-house communications professionals constantly struggle with this problem. The Barcelona Principles unveiled in June 2010 called upon the PR industry to move beyond the

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Creating SMART Objectives for PR Campaigns Leads to Better Measurement of Outcomes

When I think back over my career, the norm in public relations shops involved communications staff issuing statements, circulating press releases and ‘sending out stuff’. These outputs were easily measured, and the larger the numbers were, the better. The problem of course was that these results did not account for sentiment, whether the target audience

Why Measure Public Relations Campaigns?

We’ve all heard it. One of the biggest challenges facing the PR industry today, yesterday and tomorrow is the need for accountability. In fact, a PR News study, “Attitudes Toward Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation” found that while 81% place “some or great value” on measurement, only one in five had any kind of budget

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What Trends Are Shaping Public Relations in 2017?

Like many industries, the world of public relations is changing rapidly. Several trends are in full force, shaping PR practice. 1. Fake News: While companies have always had to deal with malicious rumors and misinformation, the 2016 election propelled “fake news” – information disseminated with the intent to deceive – into the spotlight like never

Analyze Your Social Engagement Thru Facebook Insights

Facebook is a great tool for building and engaging a community – whether it is members of a group, past and potential customers or people with a shared interest. With a Facebook page, you can gain valuable data by tracking your target audience’s reactions to your content. Every action taken--every click, every post, every purchase--leaves

Use Google Analytics to Guide Your PR Strategy

Gaining trust is key in PR. It is one thing to make people aware of your product or service, but growing your business and revenue over time depends on how much trust you build with potential and existing customers. Google Analytics partners with PR professionals to measure the impact of the investment that they are

Measuring PR Effectiveness

The Institute of Public Relations has completed a study where they reject Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) as a measure of Return on Investment for public relations expenditures. Part of their rationale is that advertisers do not look at what they spent on the advertising, but on outcomes. Public relations practitioners have been measuring PR effectiveness