It now takes an average of 23 touch points to get a prospect to buy or act and PR “owns” many of those. So says social media guru Serena Ehrlich of Business Wire. 

Impactful “touches” generate word of mouth, which is the highest converter to a sale or action. Touches include:

* Press releases

* Multi-media views

* News articles

* Influencer blogs

* Social sharing of content

* Employee sharing

Employee sharing of a company’s content is an effective converter of prospects.

Photos and videos are also key for getting eyes on your posts. Significantly, 65% of people are visual learners.  Using multi-media promotes engagement as people are more likely to share a post that contains a photo or video.

Twitter posts a large photo as a link, not embedded in the Tweet.  Users can avoid this problem by sending a photo from a mobile phone. Through a smart phone, up to four images can be sent. They will appear as a collage.

No photo?  Send a “pull quote” from the story as a visual sidebar.