LinkedIn, when used strategically, can be a highly effective tool to engage with current and potential clients, media contacts, referrals and new business ventures. To leverage your presence on LinkedIn, create and complete a LinkedIn Company Page that is separate from the personal profiles of executives and employees.      LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site.


Use the headline to differentiate your company from your competitors by using precise words and phrases from the boilerplate language on your press releases. For example, instead of  a “Healthcare Provider,” position your firm as a “Partner in Healthful Living.” Distinguish your mission statement and vision by using language describing your expertise and passion rather than just your industry title.


Use specific language in your summary. Change a bland phrase like “blog” to “Denver wireless industry blog” — not only to be more descriptive, but also to show up more in searches. Long-tail search terms bring more relevant people to your page. There may be fewer referrals, but those searching for wireless blogs in Denver are more likely to stay and read it.

The best length for your summary in terms of searches is 40 words or more, according to LinkedIn.


Be sure to include a photo. LinkedIn research indicates that profiles with a photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those without one.


 Ask all executives and employees to connect their personal profiles to your LinkedIn Company Page. Connecting on LinkedIn is a two-way relationship. Both parties share their personal information, photos and posts. When your employees connect to your Company Page, they become one of your first-degree connections, and their connections become your second-degree connections.

If employees need help creating a personal profile, tweak the above suggestions for personal profiles. For example, their headlines should use language that also describes their personal expertise and passions rather than just job titles, and their summaries should be just as effective with language. For photos, LinkedIn offers a Guide to the Perfect #WorkSelfie to capture the best lighting, angles and environment to get the best photo.

Since employees of a company have 10 times the social following that their company has, according to LinkedIn, leveraging your employee’s personal profiles will bring far more visitors to your company page.

Following  Engage prospects by inviting them to follow your company.

 Include a prominent “Follow Us” button on your website and blog, as well as a LinkedIn share button on all press release pages. When someone clicks on the “Follow Us” button, they are creating a one-way link to your company, and they are able to follow all of your activity on LinkedIn.

Your connections (i.e., employees) will become followers by default, but it is important to prompt current customers and influencers to follow you as well to provide more credibility for your company. By becoming a follower, your Company Page will appear on their profiles and help to drive more traffic to your profile.

Final Thoughts

What do you do once you have this initial content and connections in place? You need to start reaching out to your target audiences and tracking your progress. We will explore how to do that most effectively in a future post.