LinkedIn Company Pages are an excellent way to reach out to potential employees and customers. Make sure your page is delivering maximum value by taking these steps.

Engage prospects by inviting them to follow your company.

Invite customers and prospects to your LinkedIn company page.

After you have created complete and focused content, begin reaching out to current and potential clients and other contacts.

Request Connections

Start by requesting connections with your executive team, employees and current clients. Remember to focus on the quality–not quantity–of your connections. Connect only with those you know and trust. Why?  Connecting on LinkedIn is a two-way relationship that allows both parties to view all personal information, photos and posts. Rather than send a generic request to the TV producer you met briefly on the elevator, send a personalized note to the writer you worked with closely on a great broadcast segment. You also can use your connections to get introduced to media contacts.

Create Engaging Posts

Organizations that attract followers share updates such as career opportunities, a look inside their corporate cultures, fun industry-related facts and quotes. Start by presenting your company’s story. Upload visually appealing presentations, articles and links to published stories about your company. Continue by posting status updates that would interest your audience. Also, start blogging on LinkedIn. Like Facebook, you can tailor your posts to a particular segment of your LinkedIn contacts to avoid annoying people with information that is irrelevant to them.

Involve the Executive Team

Mobilize executives to post relevant responses to industry-related news or current events to generate buzz that can lead to important connections. For example,  Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson examined race relations in response to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in an authentically passionate post. It drew the attention of a million people on LinkedIn. The post positioned Tyson as an influential thought leader and, by extension, brought positive recognition to Kaiser.

Encourage Employee-Generated Content

Employees of all levels can be effective contributors to your content. Upload authentic employee interviews or genuine posts give a VIP peek into your company.

Follow Influencers & Groups

LinkedIn Influencers comprise about 500 of the top minds in business who write and share on a variety of business topics. They also weigh in on social issues and current events. Your company can gain recognition by following them and joining LinkedIn discussions where they are participating.  Proactively search for a discussion joined by an Influencer, find the best thought leader in your company for the topic and jump right into the conversation with relevant content.

Also consider joining LinkedIn Groups. By joining and participating regularly in targeted groups, from industry-related groups to journalists’ groups, you can research your audience, market, competitors and media contacts. You also can discover insights and background that can help you pitch your company to new clients and the media.

Seek Recommendations for the Company

Once you have created a strong set of contacts and connections, start asking for recommendations. Companies that receive recommendations from clients, former employees and other influencers make their profiles stand out and improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO). Be sure to do some work up front by providing specific qualities, skills and projects that you’d like them to highlight.