Media Training – Half-Day Overview

Outcome: All employees will have a better understanding of how the media and social media operate; employees will get to practice with scenarios relevant to the organization.

1. Overview: Traditional and Social Media and Getting your Message Across

  • Nonverbal cues and distractions
  • Preparation and delivery
  • Twitter and Facebook in a crisis

2. Tips and Techniques

  • Broadcast Interviews
  • Print Interviews

3. Organization’s Key Messages

  • The Power of Messaging
  • Discuss Organization’s Key Messages
  • Practice Interviews with videotape – First Round
  • Debrief and repeat

4. Adversarial Interviews and Special Situations

  • Should you ever talk “off the record?”
  • Tips for handling negative news

5. Bridging and Flagging Back to Your Message

  • How to “stay on message”
  • Bridging back to your message
  • Flagging important points

6. Questions/more practice with interview scenarios*

  • Debrief and repeat interviews to polish presentation

* Interviews are based on scenarios customized to the client, so executives can practice the kinds of topics they are likely to encounter in print and broadcast interviews.