U.S. Cellular HERO Network

US Cellular Sponsors HERO Network Goal:  Build reputation in South Texas through a program focused on safety Strategy: Partner with a top-rated radio station to promote a free cellular call to raise awareness of traffic jams Recruited a top-rated radio station, Y95, to promote traffic alerts via a free call on US Cellular mobile phones

CityCare Brochure

Marketing CityCare to Denver City Employees Goal: Increase enrollment in the CityCare health plan by city employees choosing from three competing health plans. Research: Secondary research found that people choose health care providers based on recommendations from others.  Primary research uncovered positives and negatives from current CityCare employees. Strategy: Develop a high quality, four-color

DPS ProComp Brochure

Communicating a New Compensation Plan in Denver Public Schools The Challenge. The Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association overcame a negotiations impasse by agreeing to a Pay for Performance Pilot to determine if there was a fair way to pay teachers for their students’ performance. Past failed experiments in “merit pay” and

US Pharmacist

Launching a Healthcare Technology Product Goal:   Introduce the pharmacy industry to Ultimedex, a technology product developed by MICROMEDEX designed to improve patient safety by flagging duplicate medications and those that could cause drug interactions in pharmacy  computer systems. Strategy:  Developed positioning about the new product and problems it was designed to solve. Developed messaging and