Branding and Messaging an Issue Campaign

Goal: Defeat Amendments that would devastate the Colorado State Budget

Strategy: Gonder PR worked with the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute and Engage Colorado, a collaboration of 50 non-profits, to develop campaign materials for use with their members and constituents.

The Objective was to alert voters inclined to support a tax cut with what would be harmed […]

U.S. Cellular HERO Network

US Cellular Sponsors HERO Network

Goal:  Build reputation in South Texas through a program focused on safety

Strategy: Partner with a top-rated radio station to promote a free cellular call to raise awareness of traffic jams

Recruited a top-rated radio station, Y95, to promote traffic alerts via a free call on US Cellular mobile phones
Station committed to […]

CityCare Brochure

Goal: Increase enrollment in the CityCare health plan by city employees choosing from three competing health plans.

Research: Secondary research found that people choose health care providers based on recommendations from others.  Primary research uncovered positives and negatives from current CityCare employees.

Strategy: Develop a high quality, four-color brochure mailed to the homes of 10,000 City […]

DPS ProComp Brochure

Communicating a New Compensation Plan in Denver Public Schools

The Challenge. The Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association overcame a negotiations impasse by agreeing to a Pay for Performance Pilot to determine if there was a fair way to pay teachers for their students’ performance. Past failed experiments in “merit pay” and […]

US Pharmacist

Launching a Healthcare Technology Product

Goal:   Introduce the pharmacy industry to Ultimedex, a technology product developed by MICROMEDEX designed to improve patient safety by flagging duplicate medications and those that could cause drug interactions in pharmacy  computer systems.


Developed positioning about the new product and problems it was designed to solve.
Developed messaging and news releases
Pitched target […]