Project Description

Marketing CityCare to Denver City Employees

Goal: Increase enrollment in the CityCare health plan by city employees choosing from three competing health plans.

Research: Secondary research found that people choose health care providers based on recommendations from others.  Primary research uncovered positives and negatives from current CityCare employees.

Strategy: Develop a high quality, four-color brochure mailed to the homes of 10,000 City of Denver employees .

  • Use quotes from satisfied CityCare members as third-party endorsement for the health plan.
  • Position Denver Health as one-stop, comprehensive care, compared to the competitors who had separate locations for doctor appointments, lab, x-ray, and other services.
  • Develop a presentation taken to every department during open enrollment
  • Hosted a breakfast for the clerks in each department who enroll new employees in health insurance to educate them about CityCare and enlist their support.

Results: Enrollment in CityCare increased 96 percent through the campaign.