Our Approach

Our Denver PR firm takes a strategic approach to turn prospects into customers and advocates.  For non-profits and professional organizations, we help reinforce relationships with employees, members and donors. The Gonder  team is comprised of senior communications professionals, design and research experts. This provides top-notch brainpower, creativity and experience to your internal team.  We believe in regular communication and updates to ensure that Gonder PR and our clients are in sync on the best strategies and tactics to reach our shared targets.

Media & Video Training

Two thirds of the population are visual learners and YouTube is the second most common search tool after Google. Don’t miss out on these powerful ways to communicate with prospects.  We can help you increase your effectiveness through mock interviews and practice with crisp and engaging messaging. With her background as a reporter and an as an on-camera spokesperson, Gonder anticipates questions and assists in honing effective answers.

Crisis & Reputation

Protect your reputation  through planning for the crises that are predictable for your industry.  Our PR agency firm can  help you protect your reputation by anticipating media questions and developing messaging in advance of the crisis.  We also conduct reputation audits for organizations– using interviews and other tools– to identify problems that negatively affect reputation and relationships. The research can also illuminate  current community attitudes and suggest programs and strategies that can enhance the organization’s image. 

PR & Marketing Campaigns

Gonder PR has a track record of increasing inquiries and sales through strategic communications plans and marketing campaigns.  It begins with research to determine opportunities, followed by implementation to reach prospects through multiple touch points.

Digital Communications

Gonder Public Relations develops websites andsocial media channels to help clients reach their target audiences. Our PR firm team is involved and engaged on multiple social media channels.  It takes more than 20 touch points to bring prospects through the sales funnel.  Your online presence and public relations strategies account for many of those touch points.

Other Services

 Helping clients meet strategic objectives for news coverage in consumer and business publications through news releases, case studies, feature articles, editorials and interviews, cultivating relationships with key reporters and bloggers and creating events that generate media coverage.
Investing in research increases the success of any communications campaign by determining what barriers are in the way and what messages and strategies will yield the desired results. Focus groups, interviews and online surveys bring insights and help organizations avoid costly mistakes. We have used research to help:

  • Guide successful marketing campaigns
  • Improve internal and external communication in organizations
  • Assess barriers to new initiatives
  • Test messaging before a big campaign

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Designing and providing effective communications vehicles, including print and electronic newsletters, skip-level meetings, tools for supervisors and audits to measure effectiveness and make improvements.
Developing strategies to foster positive relationships between a corporation and key audiences in the community. We implemented a long-term community relations campaign for U.S. Cellular through loans of equipment to non-profit organizations and local radio stations. Other campaigns have raised the awareness of the Colorado State Library and other non-profits.
Working with key individuals to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop action plans to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity to promote behavior change.
We can produce high-quality annual reports, brochures, e-newsletters and white papers. Gonder has written nine books and many newsletters that have won national recognition.