Our Strategic Approach

Turning Prospects Into Customers

Reinforcing Relationships with Employees, Donors and other Stakeholders

GonderPR works with seasoned professionals in PR, design, digital marketing and research.

We communicate regularly so clients are clear on the strategies and tactics to meet our shared targets.

Video & Marketing Training

Increase your effectiveness on Zoom and TV interviews.

Two-thirds of Americans are visual learners.

Using mock interviews and crisp messaging, we help you look more credible and prepared.

We can customize this agenda to your needs.

Crisis & Reputation

Your organization’s reputation can be destroyed in hours.

Social media amplifies your critics.

Our crisis plans anticipate situations and develop messaging that can be reviewed and approved in advance.

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PR & Marketing Campaigns

We have a record of solid results to increase your inquiries and sales

Gonder works with you to develop key messages and strategies to reach all target audiences

We develop and implement campaigns based on social media, digital ads, SEO, web content and more.

Awareness to Behavior Changes

Convince skeptical employees about a new policy that affects them.

Communicate regularly over time and engage target audiences in dialogue.

Changing behavior is a 5-step process.

Convince skeptical employees about a new policy that affects them.

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Other Services

Helping clients meet strategic objectives for news coverage in consumer and business publications through news releases, case studies, feature articles, editorials and interviews, cultivating relationships with key reporters and bloggers and creating events that generate media coverage.

Investing in research increases the success of any communications campaign by determining what barriers are in the way and what messages and strategies will yield the desired results. Focus groups, interviews and online surveys bring insights and help organizations avoid costly mistakes. We have used research to help:

  • Guide successful marketing campaigns
  • Improve internal and external communication in organizations
  • Assess barriers to new initiatives
  • Test messaging before a big campaign

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Designing and providing effective communications
vehicles, including print and electronic newsletters, skip-level meetings, tools for
supervisors and audits to measure effectiveness and make improvements.

Video and Media Training

Increase your effectiveness…

Two-thirds –

Through mock interviews….

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Developing strategies to foster positive relationships between a corporation and key audiences in the community. We implemented a long-term community relations campaign for U.S. Cellular through loans of equipment to non-profit organizations and local radio stations. Other campaigns have raised the awareness of the Colorado State Library and other non-profits.

Protecting A Valuable Asset – A company’s reputation is part of its brand – a precious asset linked to its success. Research shows that customers prefer to shop and invest in organizations
that operate in socially responsible ways – towards their employees, the environment, and their neighbors. All organizations have a vested interest in knowing how they are perceived by their “stakeholders” – those key audiences that have a relationship with them. A reputation audit explores these perceptions and develops strategic responses.

The Audit Process
There are five basic steps:
1. Determine the objectives to be fulfilled
2. Identify audiences to be surveyed
3. Collect the data
4. Analyze gaps in reputation or problems to be addressed
5. Create a strategic plan to better manage the organization’s reputation

A variety of tools can be used, depending on an organization’s size, resources, objectives and
how results will be used. Tools include:

  •  Individual interviews
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Review of communications materials
  • Analysis of media coverage

The individual interviews can provide valuable feedback when the objective is to identify general areas of concern and strengths that can be addressed. A quantitative survey is desirable if the goal is to establish benchmarks with which to measure progress over time.

We can produce high-quality annual reports, brochures, e-newsletters and white papers. Gonder has written nine books and many newsletters that have won national recognition.