Dunkin’ Donuts found its 2,000 franchisees and employees pay more attention to communications when sent 2 minute videos. They ignored previous communications.

Employee engagement

Employees and franchisees reply to video communication at high rates.

The engagement effort launched with a 30-second short about a new printer that would save time and money. Before, the company had sent multiple emails about the printer– and even staff to the stores — without hearing back.

The videos are only available to employees and franchisees and are made in-house. They feature high production values. The first two weeks after launching videos for corporate employees saw 400 video views and 1,000 visits to the player page. Two-thirds of all franchisees watched a leadership update, said Digiday.

Why try video:

– Many people are visual and auditory learners who find video content easier to absorb

–  Music and movement are more engaging than print; retention can be higher

–  Video outreach has carried over for the brand to other forms of communication

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