Ads for healthy foods are appearing on the 2014 Super Bowl, but the appeal is to emotion, not health benefits.  For example, a Cheerios ad features a cute girl and her Dad, who counts out Cheerios on the table to explain that a baby is on the way. 

The ad is a partnership with a non-profit, The Family Dinner project, which promotes family time together.  This ad is smart for at least two reasons:

1. It steers clear of sounding "preachy" — in a venue where people are looking for entertainment

2. It partners with a non-profit on a worthy cause.

The ad creates a Hallmark-style "feel-good" moment that associates Cheerios with family togetherness.

Dannon Yogurt plays on sex appeal to sell its healthy Greek-style yogurt, featuring an attractive couple with the wife kissing a dab of yogurt off of the actor's lips. 

Brands are finding ways to promote healthy food in ways that are memorable without putting off potential customers. The videos are also posted on YouTube.

Health messages can be contained on point-of-purchase labeling and through media relations.  These two brands were featured in an NPR story and on their blog, The Salt.