Negotiations, PR, Parenting and Governing

I was fascinated to hear the role parenting and communications skills played in Nancy Pelosi’s successful drive to win over most House Democrats on the critical health care vote. The House Speaker ramped up interpersonal communications by holding many targeted meetings with subgroups, including the conservative Blue Dog Democrats, liberal Dems, anti-abortion and pro-choice caucuses. 

Reform will cut costs, save lives

As one who saw the uninsured on a daily basis in the 1980's as PR director of Denver Health & Hospitals, I am overjoyed that Congress passed healthcare reform.  Below are concise facts about the bill to counter misinformation disseminated by those who benefit from the current system. The bill: 1. Curbs insurance company abuses. 

A “Good” Apology

Toyota was slow to respond to the problem of unintended acceleration. But one of the positive moves the company has made since fully acknowledging the problem -- and the threat to its reputation -- was the very public apology CEO Akio Toyoda made to the US Congress, to the Chinese government and to the Japanese people at