Journalism & Social Media

Has social media killed journalism?  While many newspapers have closed their doors, some journalists see social media as as a way to extend their reach and influence. Most newspapers now host blogs by journalists and many reporters post on Twitter.  Newspapers and TV stations have Facebook pages where they can interact with fans. When an

The Danger of Always Being On

The New York Times introduced a video newscast on its web site in late March featuring the daily meeting where editors and reporters plan stories for the next day's paper.  "TimesCast" often includes video and photography from the world's hotspots.  Clark Hoyt, who writes "The Public Editor" column for the Times, pointed out several gaffes

School and organizational reform requires strategic communication

The Washington D.C. Schools announced a tentative agreement this week with the Washington Teachers Union that would provide bonuses to teachers for student growth on standardized tests.  It is the most recent in a series of school reforms tying teacher pay to student performance. We helped the Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers