Research Can Fuel Publicity and Advocacy

Publishing research findings are a powerful way to get media attention to your cause. Feeding America  (FA) has been conducting a survey of food banks in its network every four years for 20 years.  The survey gets media attention because of the number of agencies participating and because of its longevity. The 2014 survey found that

Winning the Right to Vote

Courage and persistence.  That's what it took for American women to win the right to vote 90 years ago this month (August 2010). New York Times columnist Gail Collins quotes suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt that it took 70 years and 480 campaigns to get Legislatures to submit suffrage amendments to voters. Another 277 campaigns were

Galvanizing Support for Humanitarian Causes

Insights from a journalist, psychology research and some tips   How do you motivate people to help end suffering halfway around the world?  That is the dilemma Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times pondered after many years of reporting from Africa about the AIDS crisis and the hunger and suffering in Darfur, Sudan. Those