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What Trends Are Shaping Public Relations in 2017?

Like many industries, the world of public relations is changing rapidly. Several trends are in full force, shaping PR practice. 1. Fake News: While companies have always had to deal with malicious rumors and misinformation, the 2016 election propelled “fake news” – information disseminated with the intent to deceive – into the spotlight like never

Handling Threats to Health and Reputation

Disease outbreaks and contamination can be a threat to any organization, whether a hotel or a cruise line. It can be especially damaging to the reputation of a hospital. I was contacted by the New Hampshire Business Review to comment on a Hepatitis C outbreak in a local hospital and how they responded to the

  • Communications that educate people how to prevent ebola has increased trust and reduced the infection rate.

Communications help stem ebola crisis

Communication and education have dramatically helped reduce the ebola crisis  in the town of Foya, Liberia where the epidemic started. From more than 100 patients, there now are only three.  Doctors without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres) stemmed the epidemic by hiring local health workers. They explained to families that MSF was there to help their loved ones,

Communicating During a Global Crisis – Then & Now

Is your organization facing a crisis with global implications? In the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, communications played a central role with the public and major players -- on a totally different time scale. A PBS documentary with interviews and mushroom cloud video provides key insights into the role of communications during the time the US

How Not to Handle a Crisis

When a public figure or company makes a mistake, the best policy is to admit it quickly, express regret and move on.  Former presidential candidate and Sen. John Edwards provides a vivid example of the lasting damage that is caused by delaying the inevitable. When he was accused of having an affair and fathering a

When an Employee Makes Your Patients Sick

Managing a Crisis in Healthcare The hepatitis C contamination from a former employee at Rose Medical Center represents a serious threat to the reputation of a 60-year-old medical institution in Denver that is nationally known for its quality of care. Reputations take many years to build but can be threatened by a crisis of this magnitude. Rose