How PR Moves Prospects Through the Sales Funnel

It now takes an average of 23 touch points to get a prospect to buy or act and PR "owns" many of those. So says social media guru Serena Ehrlich of Business Wire.  Impactful "touches" generate word of mouth, which is the highest converter to a sale or action. Touches include: * Press releases *

Pitching TV News Today

"Respect my time," if you want to succeed in pitching today's TV news. That was the advice of Rory Schmalzreid, executive producer of Denver's KMGH- Channel 7 at the Colorado PRSA Media Roundtable. Keep the information concise in the email message. He does not mind having several newsroom staff copied, but others may feel differently.

The Power of One – Cause Related Advocacy

A committed advocate can make an amazing difference on an issue, with the right tools and approach.  During the 2013 Colorado floods, the mountain town of Lyons was cut in half by raging waters. Few people died.  Why?   One committed advocate had lobbied for a warning siren. A public education campaign taught residents to look

Social Media Vital Tool During CO Floods

Colorado PR pros relied on social media and direct communication with constituents more than news releases when flood waters ravaged communities in cities and counties along the state's Front Range last fall. While representing the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) in Denver, I reached out to the Public Information Officers in major cities

Value-Based Marketing & Communications

Ads for healthy foods are appearing on the 2014 Super Bowl, but the appeal is to emotion, not health benefits.  For example, a Cheerios ad features a cute girl and her Dad, who counts out Cheerios on the table to explain that a baby is on the way.  The ad is a partnership with a

Getting Publicity for the Arts Just Got Easier

Media coverage of the arts has greatly expanded since Colorado Public Radio hired an arts editor and reporter. Chloe Veltman (right) was hired as arts editor and she gives a preview each Thursday on Colorado Matters of music, dance, drama, visual art and film events statewide. Successful media relations relies on having a receptive audience.

Protecting a Non-profit’s Image: U.S Anti-Doping vs. Lance Armstrong

Strategy and perseverance were key to protecting the reputation of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in the face of a massive negative campaign from Lance Armstrong after the non-profit accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs in competition. "Strategy was very important," Annie Skinner of USADA told members of the Colorado School Public Relations Association. "When

Check Assumptions via Low Cost Research

A few phone calls can correct erroneous internal assumptions about external events. This is low-cost research PR and marketing professionals can do themselves to reassure internal stakeholders, no matter the size of the company. As public relations liaison to a telecommunications firm, I learned that sales staff were interpreting low response to a fund-raising campaign

Design Data to Engage Audiences

Statistics can make a point, but only if it connects with your audience. Infographics are a great tool, but what if you are not an artist?  Speakers at Colorado Healthcare Communicators gave great tips and resources, summarized below. "Be generous with image  size and stingy with your word count," advises Sarah Mapes of the Colorado

Adding Visuals to Make Your Presentation Memorable

Members of Congress often hold up poster-board signs to carry their message to viewers on C-SPAN.  The chamber may be empty, but the signs can communicate a key concept quickly, such as this one about the kinds of jobs manufacturing plants create. Visuals can make your point memorably when keeping these points in mind: *