CO Womens Hall of Fame Seeks Outstanding Women

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame is seeking nominations of outstanding women for the Class of 2014.  Members of the hall include singer Judy Collins, former Israeli Prime Minster Golda Meir, dancer and choreographer Cleo Parker Robinson and space scientist Jo Ann Cram Joselyn. The Hall seeks to inspire by celebrating the enduring contributions of

A Joyful Life

On Mother's Day 2013, I'm remembering my sweet Mother, Jerry Odell, who left us in September 2011.  She loved family, the Lord, and music and lived a life of service. I try to follow her example.  She had a generous heart; I can never remember her saying a negative word about anyone. Her unconditional love

Saving Children Through Concerted Media Attention

Can traditional media still drive public conversation and outrage, resulting in system change in our fractured media landscape?  I  hope so. The Denver Post and 9News launched an 8 day blitz of news stories to shine a harsh light on Colorado's failed child protection system. "Failed to Death" chronicles the systemic shortcomings that led more

Remembering Why Veterans Served

On Veterans Day, I am thinking about all the soldiers who have sacrificed -- in the United States and around the world -- for our freedom to speak out, follow our choice of religion and gather in groups without fear of reprisal. It is a time to thank especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice:

The Law No One Knows About

More than 43 states have passed Move Over laws, which require motorists to move over and change lanes (when possible) or reduce their speed by 20 mph below the speed limit when a law officer or first responder has another motorist pulled over on the shoulder. Some of these laws have been in effect since

Journalists Want Images and Searchable Info

Media outlets and journalists in 2012 are looking for images and infographics in online newsrooms, according to a survey by PRESSFeed. Nearly all journalists use search for information, underscoring the need to have search-optimized news releases.  The same survey found that corprate newsrooms were very likely to have images. However, only 54 % of PR

How Not to Respond to a Reporter

Public officials and candidates running for office can make a mis-statement that they regret later.  They also may say something in a meeting that they don't want made broadly available. It is important to own up to a mis-statement quickly if the person in the limelight wants the controversy to die down. But it is

Standing Together for the Common Good

I've been discouraged by the vicious tone in our public life the last few years. So it was inspiring to be part of the launch of Together Colorado, a gathering of 1,200 faith and community leaders  who pledged to work for the Common Good.  Leaders from Protestant, Catholic and Jewish traditions spoke of how their

Communications as Performance

You can ramp up communications by taking some lessons from show biz, whether your project is a speech, an email, a blog or a video. Rob Biesenbach, a PR exec who is also an actor, presented tips to the PRSA Western District Conference in Denver. For attention-getting, memorable communications: *  Tell stories, with a character

Building Relationships with Bloggers

Bloggers differ from traditional journalists in several ways, according to an expert panel at PRSA Colorado.  A traditional journalist will "let go" of a bad pitch.  But a blogger may share it with their blogger friends, giving the PR person a bad reputation with more than one media outlet. Erica Napolitano, blogger for Red Head