How Journalists Need to Change in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era

During the election and more recently, Donald Trump has demonized the press and called coverage he disagreed with “fake news.” Since many people get their news from Facebook and other social media sites, how should journalists change to adapt to this new reality? Journalism must compete with 'fake news' in the digital world where many

Use Google Analytics to Guide Your PR Strategy

Gaining trust is key in PR. It is one thing to make people aware of your product or service, but growing your business and revenue over time depends on how much trust you build with potential and existing customers. Google Analytics partners with PR professionals to measure the impact of the investment that they are

Juicing the SEO on Your Site

Searching on the web is becoming more fragmented and personalized.  The top search engines are not just Google, Yahoo and Bing; they are joined by Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.  Those were some major insights I gained from a webinar by Hubspot gurus sponsored by the American Marketing Assocation. Kipp Bodner of Hubspot proclaimed that