Google Analytics Offers Free PR Measurement Tool

It is essential to measure all aspects of a digital PR program, but how do you accurately track your return on investment with limited budgets and ever-changing digital content? Evaluate PR campaigns for earned media, owned and social media. Google Analytics provides a free tool specifically for PR professionals. Even if you’re not

Measuring PR Impact Still Important, But Rare

Measuring the impact of your PR programs has fallen off a cliff since 2010, but it is still important, says a data scientist and measurement guru. With the advent of Google analytics, companies are relying more on superficial metrics than measuring the actual impact of their programs. Creating a dashboard helps demonstrate the impact of PR

Measuring What Matters

Engagement is not how many "likes" your company has on Facebook. It is a continuum, ranging from click-throughs on the low end to advocacy on the high end, measurement guru K.D. Paine told members of PRSA and Mile High Social Media Club in Colorado. Return on Investment may be efficiency, not sales: finding the relevant