Social Media Cos. Must Protect Users to Preserve Their Reputation

Facebook is losing users and engagement due to data breaches, lack of transparency. Social media engagement in 2018 was down 4% overall over the previous year for the first time ever, according to BrandKeys Loyalty and Engagement Index. Data breaches of users' private information, the #Russian hack of elections in several countries and lack of transparency have taken

Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits Employees, Reputation

 Being involved in the community can help with employee recruitment and satisfaction as well as reputation, according to Brooke Gabbert, vice president of corporate communications for Home Advisor. The company has 2,000 employees globally. It gives employees eight hours a year to volunteer at a charity of their choice. “We hear about it in employee

Human Cost of Our Electronics

My laptop is made by Dell and I use an Ipod to listen to music and to learn and play birdsongs. So the column by business writer Al Lewis about Chinese factory workers jumping to their deaths hit me where I live.  The factory in Shenzhen, China is operated by Foxconn, which assembles iPods, Dell