Social Media Trends for 2021 Explained in Hubspot Report

Conversation trends find a return to newsletters and podcasts. Emphasize social media in your 2021 marketing strategy. And some long-time #marketing techniques – like #newsletters – are new again. Those are key takeaways in Hubspot’s 2021 #SocialMedia Marketing Trends Report. During the pandemic, newsletter mentions increased 14 percent. Also – voice calls are

Social Media Cos. Must Protect Users to Preserve Their Reputation

Facebook is losing users and engagement due to data breaches, lack of transparency. Social media engagement in 2018 was down 4% overall over the previous year for the first time ever, according to BrandKeys Loyalty and Engagement Index. Data breaches of users' private information, the #Russian hack of elections in several countries and lack of transparency have taken

Maximize Impact of LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are an excellent way to reach out to potential employees and customers. Make sure your page is delivering maximum value by taking these steps. Invite customers and prospects to your LinkedIn company page. After you have created complete and focused content, begin reaching out to current and potential clients and

LinkedIn Company Pages Engage Clients

LinkedIn, when used strategically, can be a highly effective tool to engage with current and potential clients, media contacts, referrals and new business ventures. To leverage your presence on LinkedIn, create and complete a LinkedIn Company Page that is separate from the personal profiles of executives and employees.       Headline Use the headline to differentiate your

Analyze Your Social Engagement Thru Facebook Insights

Facebook is a great tool for building and engaging a community – whether it is members of a group, past and potential customers or people with a shared interest. With a Facebook page, you can gain valuable data by tracking your target audience’s reactions to your content. Every action taken--every click, every post, every purchase--leaves

Using Social Media Strategically

Social media provides powerful new tools for engaging with your target audiences and building your brand. One-fourth of "search engine results are content generated by users," Internet Buzz examiner Joshua McIntyre told those attending a West Glen Communications seminar in Denver.  "Be sure your brand has a place in the marketplace." But it can take

Journalism & Social Media

Has social media killed journalism?  While many newspapers have closed their doors, some journalists see social media as as a way to extend their reach and influence. Most newspapers now host blogs by journalists and many reporters post on Twitter.  Newspapers and TV stations have Facebook pages where they can interact with fans. When an