A few phone calls can correct erroneous internal assumptions about external events. This is low-cost research PR and marketing professionals can do themselves to reassure internal stakeholders, no matter the size of the company.

As public relations liaison to a telecommunications firm, I learned that sales staff were interpreting low response to a fund-raising campaign as evidence service problems were causing major issues with the company’s reputation. The company was offering mobile telephones designed for rural areas in a raffle to benefit the local Chamber of Commerce.

I made calls to: the head of the chamber, a local newspaper editor and others outside the company.  The handful of calls revealed:

* The company had a good reputation from the perspective of a key local newspaper editor;

* No one raised service issues in the brief and carefully-worded survey;

* The chamber exec interpreted low response to the raffle as evidence “early adopters” had already purchased these phones – not a reluctance to do business with the company.

When developing strategy for a public relations or marketing campaign, it is important to proceed with accurate assumptions.  Technology makes it possible survey existing customers efficiently. Even a small number of phone calls to key individuals can yield a valuable perspective on an issue.

Don’t overlook techniques and internal resources that do not require significant time or expense via online tools that can give you valuable intelligence about a planned campaign or initiative.

Distributors and sales staff can also provide crucial insights into what customers are saying — positively or negatively — about your products or services.

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