It is essential to measure all aspects of a digital PR program, but how do you accurately track your return on investment with limited budgets and ever-changing digital content?

Evaluate PR campaigns for earned media, owned and social media.

Evaluate PR campaigns for earned media, owned and social media.

Google Analytics provides a free tool specifically for PR professionals. Even if you’re not a “numbers” person, the PR Measurement Dashboard is easy to use and allows you to track digital media, clicks, views and visitor behavior,  all in real time or for selected time periods.

While many PR professionals use only superficial metrics like tracking the total number of visitors to a site, this robust dashboard allows you to dig deeper. For example, it can define where new visitors come from, what return visitors do while on your site and where everyone goes after visiting your site.

You can boost your strategy by setting specific goals, referred to as “conversions” on Google Analytics, and by creating metrics that will measure outcomes beyond media mentions. It can track not only how many times your work is published, but also which publications bring in the most traffic. It allows you to better understand your audience and the precise and comprehensive effects of your campaign.

With Google Analytics PR Measurement Dashboard, you can measure:

  1. Earned media: attention gained through promotions other than paid media
  2. Paid media: attention gained through traditional advertisements
  3. Owned media: attention gained through websites and blogs owned by you
  4. Social network referrals: attention gained by having your content shared on social networking platforms such as Twitter

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