Facebook can be a great way to generate leads and engage your customers, but only if your page stands out over the more than 50 million businesses currently using the site. The good news is that many businesses do not leverage the following tools that make their page pop.

Use visuals.

Give your organization some personality that is true to your brand.

Give your organization some personality that is true to your brand.

Research has shown that Facebook posts with visual content prompt 65 percent more engagement over a month. Go beyond emoticons and post captivating photos and relevant videos. Some companies use visual storytelling to create a culture around their brand. Consider telling your story by using customer-generated content, photo collections or stand-alone photographs that reveal a little more of the story each week.

Take a poll.

Create custom polls to gather feedback from your audience. Both polls that are serious and those just for fun–as long as they are relevant to your organization or your audiences’ lifestyles–can gain repeat attention from customers.

Support a cause.

Does your business back a charity or cause? Show your support on your Facebook page and encourage your audience to do the same. Consider using visuals to create an emotional connection with your customers.

Advertise YouTube videos and blog posts.

After writing a blog on your website or creating You Tube videos related to your organization, direct your audience to them via your Facebook posts. Blogs that are updated regularly will score the most traffic.

Tailor your posts. Target your audiences

On personal Facebook pages, you can create lists to distribute.  You may consider creating contact lists for media, prospects and current customers and then publishing posts to those most affected by them. Not only will you target your message, but you also avoid irritating your entire audience with too frequent or irrelevant content.

Complete your “About” section.

It sounds simple, but there are many organizations with nothing in this section, and it is the first item listed under the cover photo. It also is the first place that your customers will look to find out more about your business. While it does not need to be lengthy, take the time to develop a message that is clear and compels your audience to action or connects them to your vision.

Whatever you do to leverage Facebook, make sure that you start with clear objectives and measure the impact of your plan along the way. When you consider your goals, remember that Facebook is a great way to connect with customers.  Go beyond the “what” you are selling to the “why,” and Facebook will help propel your message and expand your community.